Born and raised in Copenhagen I now study and live in India at Mahindra UWC of India. Currently in my second year (Class of 2017) most of my posts are regarding the transition to UWC and now the incoming transition away from UWC. I write about life, thoughts and things that fill my head. This place is where I hide my creativity before my ambition kills it.

Words about MUWCI and UWC:

“UWC Mahindra College is one of 15 schools and colleges around the globe that are part of the UWC (formerly United World College) movement. UWC offers a challenging and transformational education to a deliberately diverse group of young people, inspiring them to become agents of positive change. The UWC movement operates the only global network of pre-university schools whose aims are to make leaders to create a peaceful and sustainable future, selected on their own merit, regardless of their ability to pay.

The movement was founded in 1962 by education thought leader Kurt Hahn, with the vision of bringing together young people from both sides of the Cold War divide to live and learn together and become champions of peace in their countries. We remain committed to this goal today but have expanded our reach to embrace the tensions and conflicts that exist within and between societies.

The UWC International Office, based in London acts as a point of co-ordination, or area of common ground, between the many elements which make up the UWC movement, including the International Board, the UWC Council and the International Congress.”

If you have any questions regarding the application process, write your national committee as they’ll be far better equipped to answer than I am. In general, just be yourself, don’t lie and don’t be pretentious.


As ever,


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