And thus the adventure ended. I boarded my severely delayed flight out of Chennai airport, had a layover in Mumbai, and slept all the way to Munich. As quickly as those two years had come and gone, I was home again.

There’s something very nostalgic about returning home after a short leave. Everything’s the same, yet it’s a little off. Your place looks the same, but there’s a new chair in the corner or a new painting on the wall. Perhaps something broke. Who knows. This isn’t to say that things should simply be in a gridlocked state of nothing-ness from when you leave and when you come back home. It’s to try and explain how hard it is to see the change you’ve made yourself until you can reflect in your friends and places when you come home. Because we see our own change from day to day it only becomes apparent when you see the sudden change of others; and to some extent the sudden detachment you feel from them.

Your plans change too. When suddenly confronted with the uncomfortable realities of modern life you realize that practicalities and time constraints stand between you and your dreams. Whether it’s my ambition to conquer more classical literature trophies for my bookshelf or if it’s to get back in shape, everything suddenly takes twice as long as expected and it’s competing for the same 24-hour day cycle. So much to do, but not enough time.

When back at MUWCI we had a guest on campus to learn from our Trivenis. He noted, after seeing it multiple times, that he was dumbfounded by our frequent introspections and reflections. That after every day, succesful or failure, we would reflect. I took that home with me. This might be the last post, as a testament to this frequent reflection and to the journey that was India. This website will be one long interactive journal. One where I can come back and feel embarrassed of my own teen angst and drama. This marks the end of the blog, but not the adventure,


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