On exhaustion and art

I’m tired and exhausted. My brain has been sleep deprived and overclocked by caffeine. I’ve had 18 hour work days for weeks and lacked a social life. I’ve been sprinting a marathon and I finally crossed the finish line.

At MUWCI we have a spring tradition called theatre season. Students, faculty, staff and volunteers go together in an extravaganza of theatre and artistic expression over 3 weeks where we put on plays every single night. Being a second year theatre student I followed the norm and directed a rewritten version of Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom. It has been in the woodworks since November and on Monday it finally culminated in our premiere. Thank god it went well.
The process was giving and draining. From last Thursday till Monday we terraformed our multi purpose hall into the fictional island of New Penzance, complete with a forest, a dock, two houses and a camp. The excitement of dragging in leaves and trees through the weekend was replaced with relief and serenity of dragging it out again afterwards.
Moral of the story? You can make everything look beautiful with fairy lights. Maybe I’ll study theatre. Maybe I won’t. Let’s see.

Last week we passed the 100 day mark. As I’m writing this, graduation is 92 days away. To think that the end of my UWC experience is creeping in so hastily is terrifying; 92 days away from a flag with hats and a last goodbye. Being physically removed from the campus will be tough, as it’s been the canister of the past two years of my life. MUWCI has been such an intense experience that you rarely take time to distance yourself and retrospect and thus you’re taken by surprise when the end is near. 2 years ago I was in between two of the selection processes and UWC was so distant to me; I didn’t even consider it a possibility because the process seemed so daunting. Two rain seasons later I’m approaching the end and I feel both excited and nostalgic.

Now there’s a pause and we’re heading for a retreat on the beaches of Goa. Five days from now I’ll by sipping drinks on the white sand shores and scooting around the forests. MUWCI certainly gives you some exciting experiences; just not as many as the brochures makes you think. But hey, I would never have been able to fight fires in the wild, climb mountains in the Himalayas or play a gig in front of thousands of people — silver lining and all that

If you’re considering applying to UWC consider whether or not you want it. UWC’s a lot of things, but there’s a lot of things that UWC isn’t. UWC isn’t a utopia or a paradise. It’s still filled with drama, Math reports, GloPo papers, Extended Essays, rough days and long nights. Does this make it difficult? Certainly. Does this make it a waste of your time? Most certainly not. UWC is also a place where you get to challenge yourself daily and grow beyond what you saw possible. UWC’s a place where you can find your true preferences and where no one thinks you’re weird for buying seven Chomsky books, for discussing nature vs. nurture over lunch or for shaving off your hair for charity. UWC might seem daunting, but it’s also incredibly exciting.

Now let’s see what happens with my university applications,

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