Hey-Ho Hill Dwellers, To Where Do We Belong?

With only two weeks left of classes, the campus is becoming gradually more and more melancholic and nostalgic. Soon half of our best friends will leave us, leave for better places, but they’ll leave us all behind. It’s up to us to rebuild this place, change it, re-shape it for the better, but it’s going to be weird to become the older authority.
Here’s a short prose and a picture of my hill.

I miss

I miss cold weather and all my favourite blokes
I miss being on my bicycle, wearing several coats

I miss the Danish nightlife and feeling alive
I miss going home from the regular, in the shimmering Friday lights

I miss my friends and family, I miss where I belong
Although home is several places, my urge to go is strong

I’ll miss

I’ll miss the afternoon fires under the blistering sun
I’ll miss the post action rasna, the friends and the fun

I’ll miss the late night hikes, the stars, the thrill
I’ll miss the smiles, friends and family who lives on this hill

I’ll miss the friends who’s leaving, leaving my teary eyed
I’ll miss the lovely faces, to whom I’ll say goodbye



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