I remember about one year ago I was reading blogs about UWC’ers around the world. I had gone a fair way through the selection process, though it was still a while (mid March) that I got my acceptance letter – or email if you’d like. I started seeing an overall pattern in the blogs I was reading.

  • People always apologised for being late on posting updates – Just as I introduced my prior post.
  • People tend to post around certain staple events – Holi, Ghanesh, Travel Week, etc.
    Just what I’m doing now.
  • The blogs always wrote the same and seemed the same – Simply boring storytelling, bland language and no distinction from one blog to the next.

That’s something I’m (trying, at least) doing differently.

My blog is not frequently visited. That’s no secret. Hi mom. It was never meant to be either. They say your biggest critic is yourself and these rambles I post about once a month are best kept in private. Or at least some kind of privacy.

I just wanted my blog to be different and suit a niche rather than the masses – A great excuse for not having a lot of readers, I know. AAFH is much more of an online diary I keep with the intention of reading it later on and because my physical copies tend to disappear. Also, I hate my handwriting.

It’s travel week and because of my fire service duties, I’m not doing a lot of travelling. I went to Bengaluru to volunteer at a conference on technology called SURGE – fun, fun, fun.

Although my Facebook feed is intensively bombarded with extravagant pictures from Ladakh, Rajasthan, Taj Mahal, Goa and Kerala, I quite enjoy being on campus. We’re not a lot – I would say about 20-30 students filling up a space normally frequented by 70 nationalities and 250 personalities – it’s a longed for break. There’s something lovely about the loneliness (Danish genes, maybe?) and the ability to wander to wherever, whenever. It’s been the first days since before MUWCI where I’ve had nothing to do – marvellous. Enjoy the silence and absorb the essence of an empty campus.

They’ll be back tomorrow.

So if there’s anyone in the application process reading atm – Don’t bother reading this blog if you wan’t to know more about the application process, the campus, the curriculum, the people or UWC in general. This is just sporadic streams of thought from someone who happens to be at a UWC.

When that’s said, good luck in the process.




4 thoughts on “Blogs

  1. Godt at samle dig og dine tanker op her i cyberspace når du mangler rent fysisk på stranden og i Havhytten og i Pisserenden og… På den måde får man lige duften af dit eventyr – tak og nyd det!


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