Winter breaks and welcome homes

I’m sorry. To those 5 of you who continues to read my blog, of whom four are related to me (heh). I’m rubbish at keeping deadlines and remembering to write and update my blog seems to fall in the same category. Well, winter break came and went and to say I had a good time would be a savage understatement. Seeing my old life backhome, being a fly on the wall and noticing that everything is different, yet somehow still the same was quite weird. It felt like being a fly on the wall and taught me that if you leave, you must be ready to face the consequences.

When home I did a few talks on old schools of mine. Both my prior high school, where I was received like a contemporary amongst friends and a successor amongst teachers. Somehow, those of us who got into UWC’s some kind of pride for the school and being received like a guest speaker, with free coffee, lunch, the whole deal, seemed strange when my friends right outside of the door was going to class. Overall winter break was one big reflection and confrontation with what I want to do at MUWCI. I’ve decided to take my academics more serious and this has led to a very different everyday. I’m still a part of the few Triveni’s (read: CAS at MUWCI) that I truly enjoyed, but the day has changed character. Less time for procrastination and a lot of work to catch up on.

I might not have mentioned this, but I’m part of an on campus activity called Fire Service. It is our responsibility to turn out fires in the bio diversity reserve. With first term spent on training and burning firewalls, fire season has hit us hard. We’ve had three fires in a week and the rush of adrenaline when running out of class to gear up and beat (yes, beat) out a fire is something that’s hard to describe.

I hope there won’t pass the same amount of time until next time.

Stay safe


One thought on “Winter breaks and welcome homes

  1. It was totally great to have you back for winter break – hard to describe how good actually. And I would lie if I said it wasn’t yet another tough goodbye when you went back a couple of weeks ago. But in a strange way it pretty much equalize that feeling getting your words and thoughts on this blog in return 🙂 Thank you


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