TEDx talks and oncoming winterbreaks

This Sunday I performed a fifteen minute long TEDx talk. The entire process was intriguing and led to a lot of reflection. The subject of the talk was the art of saying goodbye and how I’ve learned to take breaks in my relationships without that meaning the definitive end of them. I enjoyed the entire process; from selections in November, writing and rehearsing my speech until late at night and of course the manifestation of my hard work in the actual event.

It felt relevant to my current situation, thinking back that is. In seven days I will sit in aeroplanes, go through 3 airports and finally arrive home with my family for the holidays. To be blunt, these past months have flown away and I’m already starting to sense this feeling of urgency around me; 1st term is ending, but for some 3rd term is ending and they are soon reaching the definitive beginning of the end. Responsibilities in extracurriculars are being passed on slowly, college acceptance letters are arriving in pigeon holes and a melancholic winter blues is slowly taking its toll on us. I always thought winter depression was exclusive to darkness and cold weather, however it’s just as present here in 31 degrees C.

I’ve linked parts of the speech down below and a picture of me looking clever.

Yours truly,


If only I had thought about the leave

The physical separation from my past environment

It would have been much easier

This was how I learned it the first time

And believe me – The hard part isn’t the first week there

It’s the second one, the third and the fourth one

When the magic wears of and you get time to think

You lie there alone at night

You’re supposed to sleep, but you remember that one person you didn’t say a good goodbye to

This is horrible

So before you leave, understand that you are leaving

Prepare for it – So you won’t have sleepless nights.”

12369942_10207287118271525_886140861_o (1).jpg



One thought on “TEDx talks and oncoming winterbreaks

  1. Thank you for sharing your reflections on the art of saying goodbye.
    Looking forward to celebrate and practice the joy of welcoming you back in just a week from today 🙂


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