On time and sunsets

I know this will sound like a huge cliché, especially if you have ever read another UWC blog, but I simply don’t have time. I realise this as today is Monday and today is the only day where I have a relatively easy schedule. For today I have classes from 7:30 to 14:10, then I have a stream meeting (coordinating individual tasks in your extracurriculars (some that I should definitely highlight in a later post)) from 14:45-16:00 and that’s it. Any other day of the week is usually plastered with commitments until after dinner; and then I didn’t even count my homework. All that is left for today is to eat, study and go to the gym sometime tonight. With this surplus of spare time I found myself restless this afternoon. Most of my time was spent in my courtyard watching John Oliver’s rants and do.. Nothing? Have I become so foreign to what used to be my favourite activity? It is truly incredible how much your everyday can change and how quickly you grow accustomed to it. What I tried to say was: I have done nothing today and that is why I’m writing this post.

I dug through my photo archive from this year after I realised that I had shared little to no pictures on this blog. Given that I am not the lucky owner of a SD card reader, my picture uploads seem to be more of a random impulse than of actual planning. I chose a picture from a sunset over the valley in which I live. You tend to get so caught up in deadlines and criticism towards everything, that you forget to appreciate the beauty of what you are doing. No matter how much we can argue over the administration or if UWC is too philanthropic, we forget that what we are doing and where we are is amazing.

Pictures down below.

Also I’m experimenting with a new layout, if you so have noticed.




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