Project week and procrastination

I must admit. It is harder than one would think to write a blog when your audience consists of 10 weekly readers. However, to you 10 people, of whom I’m related to 6, I love you all and appreciate you listening to my rambles.

I recently went on a week long wondrous adventure to a hill top in the Himalayas (pronounced Hi-mah-li-jas in Hindi) and as I’m in the process of transferring the photos to my computer I wanted to do some slight reflecting on how it is to survive with no running water, bathrooms or showers for 9 days.

We experienced summer, autumn, winter and spring flash before our eye on fewer than three days. We sweated in summer and froze in the winter hail. I loved every moment and hated every pain and twitch in my leg. We saw Indian airlines and a train journey home that took us 55 hours. India is wast, magnificent and frightening. I’m grateful for what I have and one starts to understand the influence of what we take for granted. I now this is cliché, but one can’t appreciate the small pleasures until he/she has been without them.

That is all for now. I’m tired, it’s 1 AM and I have an essay due yesterday.

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