On states, stereotypes and sleep deprivation

“I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”

This was said by President Barack Obama. It has been a great source of thought for me throughout the last few nights. The

story of a sorry kid, getting arrested and attacked for bringing a clock to school. Being at a school with so many religions and

cultures, this kind of stereotypical situation seems sort of surreal to me. Indeed, we might not have achieved perfect diversity at

UWC, yet we do represent different religions, nations and cultures. I feel sort of inclined to refer to our mission statement.

Perhaps the most repeated line at a UWC school, that every single student will have memorised by now. However, because I

feel like we tend to be to excited about ourselves, I won’t.

UWC does bring along some funny moments through education though. Having Global Politics in a classroom filled with what

makes the class interesting – people. People from different nations, cultures, socio economical backgrounds and religions.

Education really takes a different shape at MUWCI and it’s so much more than “just” the IB. Don’t get me wrong, the IB really is

a great tool for education and when it was invented, more than fifty years ago, it was revolutionising as well. However, it isn’t a

force as much now, as it was intended to be. An increasing amount of international schools around the world uses the IB, but

to give an internationally recognised education rather than changing the world. That’s where UWC might be the place that will

unite through the IB. I am definitely not saying that UWC is perfect, I’m definitely not saying that, also I feel like we, as the

people we are, tries to hard to promote ourselves. We are not the bringers of light, the saviours on the dawn of doomsday,

nations of prosperity, we are actually somewhat the opposite, if we don’t watch where we are going. Service as a tool to unite

and empower cultures is not effective, unless we are critical towards what service we do. It isn’t service if you do it for CAS not

cultures. Be critical towards what you are told, and if any potential UWC candidate is sitting out there, know what you are in

for, it’s not a no brainer. At UWC you will be forced to think about your actions and not believe, that everything you do brings

peace. You are not necessarily an angle sent from the skies and you are not supposed to be. It’s alright for you to be just you

and you only. Remember that one of the biggest battles of a UWC student is sleep deprivation  (this  is  written  completely  in

a deserted common room at 02:21 at night) and the biggest catalyst for the lack of sleep is fear of under performing, this isn’t

sustainable, and not something you can do for an extended period of time. Given that so much consideration is put into our

future, having an unsustainable sleeping habit is not the place to start.

Also, if you don’t know the mission statement, read the first word in every line in the above paragraph.

Be well,


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