A moment of non reflection

I realised that my blog tends to be towards the philosophical side (Which is funny, because I don’t do Philosophy) and I want to dedicate this post to be excruciatingly boring and practical.

I live in Wada 1 (Wada’s are the house groups on campus, like small communities) uptown (Separated into uptown and downtown, boys and girls) house 5R (There are three houses in both uptown and downtown and two rooms in each house. To summarise, 5 Wada’s, two townships in each wada, three houses in each township, two rooms in each house and four people in each room. My roommates are from Cambodia, Cameroon and India. Nice guys, though I don’t spend a lot of time in my room.

The days seems to get a certain structure by now. We have first block at 7:30 and then the day goes from there. Academics from 7:30 to 14:00, then Triveni’s (What other IB schools call CAS (-ish)), then physical activity, then homework and then whatever the night brings (Mostly sleep or movie watching, sometimes simultaneously).

The Triveni’s are differentiated into different categories. There’s the Stream’s, those are sort of like your overall Triveni’s, I’m in Outdoor and Adventure. Then there’s recreation Triveni’s, which are more casual, simple, but sometimes those are the ones you like the most. And I, as I tend to do, have taken on way too many. I have already been double booked several times, leading to awkward conversations with coordinators and there’s no way I’ll be able to keep this level up. As of right now I do FRS (Fire and Rescue Service), Kriya (Empowering local women through exercise and hiking), Handball (‘Cause I’m a Scandi), Basketball (‘Cause I’m a tall Scandi) and Chess Club (‘Cause I’m a smart, tall Scandi (lol))

So that’s about it. I promise to return to my reflective self next post, no worries (to my 10 daily readers, of whom I guess I’m related to half of them)

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