A moment of reflection.

Time passes. That’s an inevitable fact. Yet somehow, time seems to be a more fluid constellation at MUWCI, than the time I am used to from home. At MUWCI, time is neither linear nor circular (as internet hoaxes and pop-science culture has made it believed), it is more diverse, interesting and hard to put your finger on. Time does move in different paces.

When you are sleeping time moves rapidly. When you are having classes, you forget about time. When you sit at 02:30 in the treehouse, overlooking what the fog makes you mistake for an infinite horizon, time stops. Completely.

It’s interesting to feel, and hard to describe, yet it’s like I’ve known several Hill Dwellers (Term for faculty, staff and alumni at MUWCI, i.e. the hill) for more than “just” two weeks. There are two possible explanations for this as I see it. Either time does move in another pace at MUWCI, which would be both frightening and exciting, or the time we spend with each other, is somehow different from the time we spend at home. Either way, the answer surrounds time. It’s hard to argue for either of the arguments, because both imply that I know more about time than both scientists and poets, which I don’t believe I do.

On the last note, I would like to quote one of my second-years, who’s poem really gets to the point.

“And as the scientists figured out, we all descended from stardust, and that time is not a linear concept.

It had taken them two thousand years to figure out, what the poets had known all along.” 


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