Packing. Sorting. Asking myself whether I really need that third black t-shirt. Today’s a mess. It’s funny how the conclusion of my former and current danish life, is happening in one tired Friday, where I put myself to the ultimate test; Can you stay within the 30 kg limit, whilst still getting your horn with you. Tomorrow will be a frightening day. Yes I will have to say goodbye to friends and family, potentially forever to some of them. However, the thing that I fear the most, is having to check in my horn, given that it doesn’t oblige measurement standards. That’s no fair! I can’t rely on some person I don’t know or trust even slightly a baggage handler, to handle my baby non living musical instrument.

Given that I’m hiding away from my mom, I will probably have to go back to my responsibilities now, that is cramming my entire life into a suitcase.


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