12 days until my first day in India.

My new favourite song is called Last Days in India. Though the title may sound weird, considering the 22nd of August will be my first day in India, I relate to the song on a “Danish Basis”. Soon it will be my last day in Denmark for quite a while, and it makes me reflect.

The last years of my life, has been the best ones yet. I have many friends, I do well in school and I’m happy. Now I’m leaving it all behind, risking everything, chasing this adventure. Will it be succesful? That depends on how you define succes; Right now I’m lying sleepless, 02:36 in the morning, reflecting on my life choices, and for the first time in many years, I regret nothing about this choice. I feel succesful so far.

Over the last couple of weeks, a bunch of people have visited my blog (31 views, but who’s counting). They may be friends, as well as strangers, alumni, as well as potential candidates, they may even find this blog useful for whatever their purpose. These next few lines will be targeted at those, who may/may not apply in the coming years, so feel free to skip to the next paragraph, if you don’t bother reading along.

Apply. No seriously, apply. I may get this whole “Adventure” to sound daunting and scary, I may sound like I regret it, I might even sound like this has been a negative experience, but it hasn’t. UWC has been an incredible journey this far, and I haven’t even made it to India yet. Imagine getting friends from across the globe, but also from your own country, whom you would never have gotten the chance to meet, if it wasn’t for UWC. These amazing, inspiring people have already made me a better, more conscious person, and for that I’m grateful. You all share this one thing, or passion if you like, and that strengthens your bond. I’ve slept 5 people in a single bed with some of them, whilst we were on an introduction camp, something I wouldn’t have done, if I didn’t already feel completely safe and close with them. I’ve gotten to know them quite well, and none of this would have been possible, if I didn’t apply back in November 2014. I filled out my application two days before deadline, because I had just discovered UWC, and now it seems surreal to know my future depended on a few days close to a deadline.

As you might understand, my life has been centred around UWC for 9 months now, and I love it. Also sorry for this incredibly long post, I fear I’m starting to use this blog, as some sort of therapy.


2 thoughts on “12 days until my first day in India.

  1. Hi! I am kind of your coyear (ish) – I will be starting UWC of Costa Rica in 4 days and I can relate to you on so many levels right now. Thanks for sharing your experiences and good luck in India, success is a relative concept, but I am sure you will be successful in whichever way you define it 🙂


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