Brave new world.

If you have made it to this post, on this page, at this time, there’s two possible reasons for your journey here. Either I managed to get my blog on some list somewhere, and that is the way you found me, or your name is Vilhelm Juhler, you’re 22+ years old and your reading this for memories. Either way, I’m glad to have you here!.

In both possible outcomes, you probably know what UWC is about (I hope you do by now future me), and you have come here because you just can’t get enough of this utopia sounding school system; that was at least how I was back when I applied (Remember future me? We were so cute). So you have read about the schools, you have read some blogs and now mine’s next in line. So you wanna know; what’s unique about this specific blog?

Well I’m going to MUWCI (UWC Mahindra College (It’s in India)) and I will be part of class 2017. I was selected by the Danish national committee and I’m going on a scholarship away from home for two years. My parents are terrified, but by now have accustomed themselves to the idea. I am just as blown away as any other alumni was, at this point of the process. By now I have received 7 vaccines, filled out tons (so, so much) paperwork, applied for and received my visa, met with my second-years and bought my plane tickets. It’s all real and close now, and I can no longer hide behind lines such as; “Well it’s not before many, many days (We’re under two months atm)”. It’s close now and I’m starting to feel the tingling sensation of anticipation.

Over the next couple of years (Yay for procrastination!) I will keep this blog updated, tell you about my experience and try to convince any possible readers to apply or get their nearest youngsters to apply. Seriously, I haven’t even touched the campus yet and I already feel amazing.

Love, Vilhelm.


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